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At Growzer, we have a customized supply chain & ordering solution, regardless of the size of your business. If you are active in the catering industry or as a food supplier, we will think along with you and support you with a high-performance platform. A platform that offers added value, provides valuable data and ensures better customer loyalty. From easy ordering to personalized offers, Growzer has it all. Wholesale, supplier, producer or wholesaler: we offer you added value.

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What can Growzer do for you?
A solution tailored to your business
No matter the size of your business, we provide added value


Connecting to an existing ERP system

Do you have your own ERP system? Perfect, we can seamlessly link Growzer to your existing system. Orders that are automatically received, up-to-date stock and automated invoicing. We will take care of it. Your customers can easily order online or via an app, which means that you can always keep track of everything.


A hybrid solution

Are you already working with certain systems, but still want more insights, data, let customers order easily, send segmented and personalized messages and more? The Growzer platform is easy to link to existing systems and we already have dozens of links to partners. Plug ‘n play, so you can immediately move up a gear in your automation.


A tailor-made solution

Are you a start-up, a starter or a small SME in search of an all-in-one solution? Growzer is the perfect tool for a fast start-up, allowing customers to order easily, gaining insights, communicating with segments and keeping track of both orders and invoices. Customization is still possible and we will adapt the platform to your wishes and needs.


Growzer allows you to communicate in a highly targeted way. Messages to specific customers/segments? It’s a piece of cake. Ideal for improving customer loyalty.


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An all-in-one ordering and invoicing platform

Order online or through the app? A piece of cake. Make it easy for your customers to order, make order suggestions and create invoices right away.

Personalized offers

It’s easy to send customized offers via the Growzer platform. You can be sure that this will result in added value and will bind your customers to you.

Real-time stock management and monitoring

Your stock is always correct, without having to spend hours working on it.

Valuable insights

Growzer collects a great amount of data that we are happy to help you convert into valuable insights. You will undoubtedly reap the rewards of this in terms of sales and returns.

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